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Where to Read?

Worry not, here is the links!

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MangaDex is an online manga reader that caters to all languages. MangaDex is made by scanlators, for scanlators, and gives active scanlation groups complete control over their releases. All of the content on our site is uploaded either by users, scanlation groups, and in some instances the publishers themselves.



MANGA Plus creators is delivered by SHUEISHASHUEISHA,
the publisher behind popular manga such as One Piece and SPY × FAMILY, and MediBang, the creator of internationally
popular painting application.

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MangaToon is a Global APP for Reading Comic Manga and
Novel. Different comics in Action, Romance, Boys' love,
Comedy, Horror and more are updated daily.

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Read hottest Japanese manga & Korean comic & anime &
Webtoon released on Webcomics. Thousands of popular
web manga and comics for free!

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Once a bestselling novel, now a bestselling comic. Produced by Tapas, The Beginning after the End comic is a fantasy/action series that has found great success on our platform, having been viewed millions of times. It has been translated into 6 languages, topping the trending charts of online publishers around the world. Recently the series has even become a hit audiobook - and all of this began with one person's imagination and hard work.

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Webtoon is a South Korean webtoon platform launched in 2004 by Naver Corporation. As the name suggests, it is a platform for posting webtoons, compact digital comics in South Korea

MANGA: As Seen In
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